Surface Mining (Open Pit)

Our services focus on providing optimised pit slope design solutions (maximise ore recovery & minimise excavation costs) through:

  • Understanding the mining method and operational constraints.
  • Rigorous understanding of site geology and hydrogeology.
  • Ground characterisation through statistical means.
  • Identification and stability analysis of structural, mass and complex slope failure modes.
  • Kinematic and limit equilibrium analysis using deterministic and probabilistic data inputs. Finite element analysis to identify & assess complex failure modes.
  • Groundwater models, assessment & control for slope stability.
  • Catchment hydrology and surface water management.
  • Design of reinforcement or artificial support.
  • Design of monitoring programs for groundwater and excavation performance, and slope deformation (long-term & real-time monitoring with alarms and response plans).
  • Risk analysis and development of risk management strategies
  • Blastability and diggability assessments.
  • Investigation and remedial solutions for failed or failing slopes.
  • Underground void interaction – evaluation & risk management.

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